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1st 2012 Colt-Only Mock Draft

Posted on: January 25, 2012 2:37 pm

1) Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford.  It's gonna happen.  Deal with it.  Say goodbye to Peyton, and let's all move on.

2) Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers.  Two things you should do when you draft a franchise QB: 1) get him a target with whom he can develop a special bond, and 2) resolve any ongoing OL problems.  The Colts drafted their OTs last year, and OG/C can wait until a little later.  Sanu is a special blend of size, strength, quickness, and speed.  Plus, he runs great routes and has exceptional hands.  He's also a hard worker.  His top-end speed isn't great, but he's got too many positives to pass up here.

3) Phillip Blake, C, Baylor.  A very good run-blocker who kept RGIII upright very well.  Saturday should retire when Manning leaves, and Pollack is no more than a stop-gap solution.  I have a feeling the new Colt draft team (whoever they may be) will want to add an element of a power running game.  After all, Luck benefited greatly from Stanford's run game, and a similar strategy in Indy would be wise to help his transition. 

4) Keith Tandy, CB, West Virginia.  This would be easier to predict if the Polians were still in Indy.  Tandy is the CB they'd take.  He's tenacious, tough, great supporting the run, and more than adequate in coverage.  If the new D-coordinator emphasizes more man coverage, Tandy won't be the choice though.

4 Compensatory for Clint Session) Ryan Miller, OL, Colorado.  Was considered a possible 2nd rounder until he had a poor Easst West Shrine week.  Still, he proved to be a good run-blocker all week long, but he looked inconstent lining up a RT.  He has great quickness for his size (6'7", 312 lbs) and has the feet and athleticism to develop into a RT.  For the Colts, I see a versatile guy that can play guard or RT.  He would fit well at OG in the power running scenario I mentioned earlier.  While not a rookie starter, he would really improve OL depth as time goes on. 

5) Jerry Franklin, LB, Arkansas.  I'm worried about LB depth.  Conner/Angerer/Sims are a great starting three, but Wheeler (if re-signed) and Edds is about the best depth we've got.  I consider Franklin pretty similar to the LB hits we've had lately.

6) Brandon Taylor, S, LSU.  I'd sever ties with Bullitt.  Caldwell and Lefeged took their lumps, but improved considerably during the year.  Here the Colts continue the safety-by-committee approach with a guy who quietly put together a good season in an extremely talente D. 

7) Drake Dunsmore, FB/TE, Northwestern.  The team ran fairly well behind a lead blocker last year, something they didn't do in the past.  The new management team will almost certainly look to continue that.  Augmenting the cast of other teams' rejects that are currently with the Colts may be a priority.  Dunsmore was a great receiving target in college who has some promise as a FB/lead blocker too.

7 Copensatory for Charlie Johnson) Micah Pellerin, CB, Hampton.  The CBs were epically bad last year.  Hopefully a small-school comer like Pellerin could help force Lacy off the roster...

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